A Thought For You


We all have many thoughts that run around in our heads. Sometimes they are there for mere seconds, and then others last a lifetime.
But what do we do with those thoughts when we have them?


This topic seems especially fitting for 2017. Each time we start a brand new year, we gaze into the virtual distance and imagine what we will experience this year compared to the downfalls we hold onto from last year. Which leads me to thought bubble #1.

#1.  Let go of last year. All we can do is remember it, but holding onto it and dwelling on it can only slow down our potential for a new year ahead.

Short term thoughts can be great because they are spontaneous and random. But because they are so random they can be tricky to keep ahold of. Of course, they may not all be worth holding onto, but I am almost positive that a few of them will be.

#2.  After an idea strikes into your brain, jot it down. It may end up in the trash, but that’s ok. It removes it from your head and makes it a potential winner in life.

What about those ideas that come back over and over? How come it is so difficult to act on those? Usually, those ideas are “too big” for us to handle. Of course, they are! They are just ideas right now. How can you possibly see the end game? Don’t worry about what the end looks like, or how you’ll get there. Write it down and then seek out advice and wisdom on making it a reality. The internet has billions of avenues we can walk down to get answers we need. I’m sure, if you spend enough time searching, you will find the answers you are looking for.


At the end of the day, we can help ourselves by growing into ourselves. This isn’t a yoga pose! But it is excellent for the brain to adapt and stretch. Not every person is good at everything in life. Which I am glad for because it would get really boring really quickly if we were. You are a special and unique individual that can bring something of value to the table. Whether it is just for you and your own growth, great! Or if it can be shared with the world around you, fantastic! Regardless of who gets to enjoy what you bring, it has value, you have worth, and your thoughts can lead you down a path to amazing things. Don’t be lost in your mind and lose out on opportunities to set yourself apart.


This is my thought for the day! (Glad I wrote it down!!)

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