When We Look Up

When we look up at night, we should feel something, right?

For me, recently, looking up was and is a constant reminder of how small I am. But also of how insignificant my problems are.

When we focus on ourselves too much, the world around us shrinks. Anything we encounter, good or bad, becomes bigger and therefore, harder to digest. This wouldn’t be so terrible if everything that happened to us was positive. But how often can we say it is always positive?

So I look up. I look up to be reminded that I am tiny. I look up to be reminded that there is this huge, powerful, magnificent world all around me and me being here, is just one teensy speck of that big, big world.


I also flew recently for work. During the day, and while gazing out of my window, I got to enjoy the cities below me. The view from 28,000 ft, is always a great one, and even here I am put into place with outlook, on life. We tend to put ourselves in a bubble that includes only the people we know, and the places we frequent. But flying this high, and seeing for miles and miles around allows me to again appreciate how disconnected I am with everything and everyone around me.

I guess you could say between the starry nights and the high altitude of flying, that I am re-appreciating how much work there is to be done to make an impact on this planet. So next time you are faced with a problem too big, or a challenge too tough – look up. Be reminded that we are small, and our problems and indecisions that tend to haunt us, in relativeness to everything else, are also minor.

Let this also be an encourager to you, that with enough strength and endurance, you can reach a whole lot of world around you if you really try.

These are my thoughts for the day.

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