What Challenges You?

Challenge Accepted!

At least that’s what we tell ourselves, right?

“It’s not the challenge itself that stops us from winning, but the steps we take to complete that challenge.”

(I know — I just blew your mind!)

When we face a challenge in the workplace, part of our brain goes “No! That means I have to DO something!” And then there is the other side that gladly accepts the task because we are now able to start and finish something, which means we accomplished something. And because we didn’t give ourselves this task — it is a now a challenge!

But a challenge in the workplace compared to a challenge in our personal lives, are perceived and dealt with in a very different way. At work, we need to do this task because we want and need the paycheck to live and pay bills, and maybe even eat some food. But personally, it becomes a choice of necessity. Do I do this challenge because I want to? Or because it will make be better? Or I’ll be healthier? Or whatever the reasoning behind it might be. On the flip side, we don’t have to challenge ourselves because, well, it’s personal, and who cares.

I can assure you, as a person that has gone through some difficult challenges (some forced, and some welcomed), that accepting challenges in your personal life will benefit you greatly in your work life. 

Let’s take something as well known as breaking a habit. We all have habits that we want to stop, or maybe even start. But maybe this habit doesn’t affect your working world (or so you think), and therefore, it isn’t a priority. I can personally guarantee, that any habit you try and break, or start will have great help towards how you perform in the workplace.

It’s not just about the habit itself. Personally, many months ago (maybe even a year by now), I made the decision to stop drinking pop/soda. I went cold turkey and just did it. But this wasn’t my first time trying this. I went about this habit breaking business, in a  few different ways at first. I stopped drinking my favorite. Then I only tried drinking caffeine free options, but regardless of my approach, I always found myself attached to the end of a pop bottle. It wasn’t until I knew which method would fail me, that I could then learn from those experiences and finally get to the point of just not drinking anything and winning!

This habit that I broke taught me about endurance, patience, acceptance, trial & error and more. This one thing turned me into a person that now understood anything I want to do can be achieved — I just have to know the correct approach.

So the next time you are faced with a challenge — don’t run away from it because of the steps that might need to be in place to get the job done. Embrace the process, don’t be afraid to slip because you will always be able to get back up and try again. In the workplace that might mean trying over and over. It may also mean that you have to lean on others for help to get you there. Whatever it is, accept the challenge.

Challenges help us all become greater. Without challenges, we would never evolve. We would never learn, or grow, or be confident in anything we do.

These are my thoughts for the day!

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