What’s My Name?

You may know my name – But do you know me?


A name is an interesting thing, I think. The name itself doesn’t really tell you anything specific or compelling, and yet, for a lot of us, it makes a huge difference.

My name is Jason. So what? What can possibly make that exciting or worthwhile? But somehow over the course of our life on this rock, we have managed to make something out of a name.

It’s really the name is it. We all know this. It’s actually what the name stands for that really tells the story of who we are. But how does someone find out who we are if we are not there to tell them?

For example: How would you know that I am a husband of 10 years and counting. A father to a little boy. A Published Author with two books and a third on the way, not to mention the fourth that I am writing. I’m a drummer, I was born in the U.K., and I’m honestly an extremely picky eater. But how does anyone get to know that just by knowing my name?

They Can’t.

What we do with our name will live on for a long time. In the workplace, it is our responsibility to make sure our name survives through everything that is thrown at it. Lies, slander, false hope and so on. We go through a lot on a day to day basis and our brains filter through everything to figure out what is truth and what isn’t. So even though the name “Jason” means nothing. What Jason stands for and what Jason has done means everything.

True — we don’t always do the right thing, or say the correct words at the right time. But if the heart behind it all is leading us in a truthful, morally direction, all those things go away.

In my workplace, I take it very personally when I talk to my clients or even potential new clients. They know or will know, my name. So what I do, say, promise, (or not promise), is very important. I always do my best to level with them and be as transparent as possible; even if that means delivering news I know they don’t want to hear.

So take it from me. When you are working (maybe that’s right now), take a moment to think about your name. Who knows it? And what story do they know about you? If you like the answer then keep going. If you don’t think you do like what you are telling yourself — maybe it’s time to do something about it.

These are my thoughts for the day!


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