Changing Your Mind – Changing Your World (Chapter 2)

If we can change our mind – we can change everything!

I won’t lie. This blog post comes straight from my book “A Life of Heart”. Chapter 2 of my book is the exact title of this post. It’s a personal favorite because of how simple the concept is, however, it’s also a favorite due to the challenge of it.

So to dive right in, here are 3 reasons we don’t change!

  1. Obstacles
    1. How we view our day-to-day activities of everything we must do just to get by, we can be overwhelmed with the list. And because of that, it can be difficult to ever even get to the one thing that makes us feel alive or drives us to do something awesome with our day. We have goals, we have ambitions, but the obstacles in our way can prevent us from ever achieving anything of substance. So thinking of how to tackle that can really change our view. “In order to get to that one thing that excites me, I will first gain power over the three things in my way.” That is the correct approach. And we can do this day in and day out.
  2. Fear
    1. Let’s get real. Fear is a mind-crippling vice that holds us back all the time. But what are we actually afraid of? The answer lies in the object of our desire. We fear we will fail because of things that haven’t even happened yet. Fear tells us that if we try, we won’t succeed and we will look foolish. Fear tells us that we can’t do it because we are not equipped. Fear tells us that we will never be successful because we aren’t good enough. Fear tells us, Fear tells us. Fear tells us… I hope you get my point here. Fear is not the future version of our life. Fear is an illusion of the worst outcome if we simply try. But what fear won’t tell you is that you might actually surprise yourself and become a winner. Sure, it might not happen on attempt number one. But who cares? The fact that you are trying means you are saying “NO” to fear and pushing past your roadblocks in order to achieve something great for yourself.
  3. Lack of Motivation
    1. If you’ve always been told that you can’t do something (by other people like a co-worker or friend), then your mindset will never turn into the opposite. Your motivation comes from within. A simple exercise is taking the negative that is hurled at you, and turning into a positive. “Why do you even bother, you’ll never make it.” Turns into. “I’m going to give it everything I have until I do make it.” Using this simple guide will train your mind to think positively more often than you do negatively. None of us need help listening to negative words, we do it to ourselves way too often. But that is only because we have been trained to do that all our lives. Start training yourself to think differently, and your mindset will follow you to victory.

I don’t know what kind of person you want to be in this life. But I am quite sure you want to achieve something you can be proud of and can stand by. One day, when you look back on where you were and the person you used to be…you might surprise yourself with the individual you have become. It doesn’t take much to start the process, so what are you waiting for. Be conscious of the negative words that flow into your head. Turn them around and don’t let silly obstacles, unnecessary fear, and other people tell you you’re not good enough.

You know all too well that you are!

These are my thoughts for the day!

A Life of Heart – By Jason Atkinson

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