The big and LITTLE

Do you ever notice how big the LITTLE things become?

Just today my wife and I went window shopping for a new entertainment console for our living. We have a 1-year old, and he likes to grab – everything! So we have decided to childproof our electronics by hiding them behind a glass door that we can then secure with childproof locks. However, when figuring out what unit to purchase, I found myself being very picky.

I started measuring things there and then again at home after the window shopping was over and realized I was not taking my own advice. I was about to scrap the idea of this particular unit we had found all because the decorative totes that our movies sit in, wouldn’t fit exactly right inside the glass enclosed doors. If we had another inch, or maybe even half an inch, we would have been good to go. But because of that small difference, I was about to give up on a perfectly good piece of furniture. And then it got me thinking…


How many of us in our personal lives and our work lives give up on the big picture because too many small things got in the way? For instance, all I need to do is find some other cheap boxes that the movies will fit in and call it a day. Thankfully I figured this out almost immediately, and soon we will have that entertainment console installed in our new living room.

The clients I work with have needs. Sometimes very specific needs – and that’s fine. It helps me because they know what they want. Sometimes, though, we have to discuss specific items in order to find a solution that works. The small things can sometimes pile up and get in the way of the bigger picture. Part of my job is to show the big picture, and then break down the steps that will help get everyone there safely, and happily too.

I wonder how many of you reading this have stopped yourself from achieving a lofty goal due to making small things BIG? If you feel like that’s you — I urge you to take a step back and consider trying again. Those benchmarks that stopped you might not be as big as you think. And since you are in control, don’t you think you should be bigger than they are?

Just a thought…


These are my thoughts for the day.

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