You Like Your Comfort Zone Way Too Much

I think you need to leave!

Raise your hand if you have a comfort zone…If you didn’t just raise your hand, I know you’re lying to yourself. We all have a comfort level with certain things in our life and that’s not technically bad – but it can stop us.

Our safety net or bubble can prevent us from being who ought to be. I’m not saying there is something wrong with you, but if you have ever felt like there could be more, then you will understand what I am talking about.

How is your home life? How is work going for you? Is that relationship moving to the next step, or are you fine with “Netflix & Chill”?

The first step is to come to terms with REALITY. Realizing that you have a comfort zone is important because now you can identify exactly what it is, and how you got there. Is it something simple like the route you take to work each day? Could it be the good you eat? Or perhaps it’s the way in which you interact with your significant other. (Do you keep having the same argument or disagreement?)

Once you have come to grasp of what comfort zones you have, it’s then time to make a choice.

DECISION time. Do I stick with the old habit, or do I spice it up with something NEW? Let’s go bigger. How long have you worked where you are? Do you feel complacent? Has the drive that made you a great employee slowly evaporated, and you don’t know why? You’ve become complacent because you found a comfort level in what you do, and you don’t want to lose the security and safety of your work blanky! I challenge you now, though. What if you were meant for more? You like your job, sure. But a new path might be in your future and you have to have the guts to step out of that safe little cocoon you’ve built for yourself. I understand that it might have taken a while to build it and settle in. Our bubbles usually do take some time, but that’s also the catch. We never see it coming and before we know it, we’ve trapped ourselves inside and lost the key in the process.

So how do we break out of this routine and structure we have so nicely adapted to? We have to LEARN.

Learning is the best way to break free from the norm. When we try new things our brains re-engage and we, at least for a moment, forget about how we used to do it because we have to focus on a new way fo doing it – whatever “it” is. I realize this may also mean a new challenge, but that is part of the fun. When we challenge ourselves we get a natural endorphin kicked high that makes us feel great because we accomplished something for a change!

Learning starts with the mind, which leads to a new challenge which makes us struggle (temporarily), and then allows us to celebrate. Celebration leads to confidence. We all want the confidence to do something awesome with our life. I challenge you to find one of your comfort bubbles and pop it like a water balloon. Sure, you’ll get wet and it will make a mess – but how amazing will it feel knowing you don’t need to rely on that balloon anymore to get through your day.

Take the challenge, start a new adventure and who knows what you might learn in the process!


These are my thoughts for the day.

(This was taken from part of my “A Life of Heart Book” and can be available to you on Amazon when you order from the link below. Thank you)

A Life of Heart – by Jason Atkinson

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