Recognition – VS – Sacrifice

…”the will to succeed and the desire to things that advance the interests of the organization aren’t just motivated by recognition from above; they are integral to a culture of sacrifice and service, in which protection comes from all levels of the organization.”
– Leaders Eat Last

Recognition from above being our bosses and supervisors. The pat on the back that says you are a good employee! This isn’t inherently bad – but it won’t fulfill the big picture, personally or professionally.

What we read here is that we need to be willing to sacrifice for the sake of providing the level of service that sets us apart.

Are you going above and beyond? Are you taking the extra steps to believe in the mission? Success doesn’t live on pats on the back by a boss that may not always be there…we win when we fulfill our true mission of service with a cause.

These are my thoughts for the day.

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