Get A Grip!

Tell me if this little scenario hits a familiar chord with you…

You get to work. You’re not sure what is about to happen today, but you are positive if it’s like all the rest, it doesn’t matter how prepared you are. Something bad is going to go down!

Does any of that sound familiar? It has for my wife (and even me sometimes) when she has worked at previous career jobs. Being the boss of something doesn’t always mean life is wonderful and amazing. There are responsibilities that no one else has to think of, other human beings that need to be organized so that the day can run smoothly. The list goes on.

But that isn’t actually the worst part. The worst part of the job for her is not being in control of what happens to her. She can be in complete control and tell everyone under her what needs to happen and assign responsibilities, but unfortunately, upper management is giving her what she needs to be confident and safe at work. The less control you have, the more stress you endure.  

Stress is a common part of work these days, you just can’t avoid it. I don’t care how good you think you have it, stress will poke it’s head out at the moment you least expect and trip you up. And for a lot of us, there is an added layer of stress that makes our work unbearable at times. It is this stress that I am referring too. You have to feel control in order to eliminate undue stress from your work and also from life in general. Have you ever caught yourself coming home from work, feeling the strain of the day, and unloading it onto those you love? That wouldn’t typically happen if you had a little control. This problem solves itself when our leaders show us what we can take control of. When we are given the right tools to get a job done or when we are told that we are doing it right. But not having any guidance, or feeling like a headless chicken just praying you did something right will stress you out big time!

When you have a grip and feel like there is more control in your workplace, or when you feel empowered to make those decisions that are important instead of waiting for someone else to hopefully guide you – you will not suffer the same stress as the other guy/girl who doesn’t have those things. Furthermore, when you go home, you will be much more satisfied with your time spent at work and the people around you will benefit too.

So what am I saying? Go yell at your supervisor because they aren’t giving you enough power to control your own destiny?! No. Although that would be an interesting conversation I am sure!

Instead, I am saying to go into your workplace tomorrow and start taking control over what you can. Even if that feels like not much at all, the mere fact that you are taking some initiative will, if nothing else, save your own sanity. Maybe even approach your supervisor and let them know of your new plan to accomplish this task in a certain way that differs from the “norm”. Whatever it is – do it with a sense of pride. Do it for your family. Do it for you. Do it for the company you want to love coming to work for like you did when you first got hired. Remember that passion? It can still be there – but you need to get a grip and take control back over your own life again!

These are my thoughts for the day.

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