Sometimes being a Team Player, means sitting on the Bench and not Playing

We want to be on the team! We practice, we hustle, we do our very best to make sure we are #1 as much as possible.

We have this “look at me” persona, and then when the spotlight isn’t shining our way, we feel betrayed. Disappointed. Heartbroken. Worthless.

But, being a really good team player isn’t just knowing yourself. It isn’t just about our strengths and our own weaknesses (which if you haven’t noticed there are none because we are brilliant!)

A good team player notices who is on the team with them. If we want to be a good teammate, if we want to show up on game day, we are going to realize who we are playing with and what their strengths are, and also what’s their weaknesses are.

Sometimes…you have to sit down and let the other person get the spotlight for a while. Because if you don’t, and you hog the glory for yourself it could be short lived!

You might miss when they would slam dunk. You might lose when the other person sells it properly.

Your moment of glory might cripple the future success. This “in the moment pleasure” we get from taking the spotlight might be the only good vibe we get all day. Because now the deal is done, and it’s too late!

But if we can recognize that we are not the best at everything, and the person to our left or to our right might actually be better at something than you and I – then maybe by sitting down and getting out of the way, we might all be giving high fives later because we won the game – we got the sale.

Only then are we a true team player. We allowed the people around us to achieve something. We had the opportunity to build up our coworkers and let them feel like they deserved to be there.

Everyone on the team has a role and a place. It’s up to you and me as leaders and as great team players to see it and embrace it.

Not only will you succeed as a whole, but personally too. Your teammates will look up to you and take your seriously and others will respond to you and with eagerness because they know you will listen.

Sometimes being the best means sitting down or stepping aside.

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