A Chance or An Opportunity

We tend to hear from people that they had a chance to do this, or that. They had a chance to go somewhere, or a chance to experience something – but didn’t.

I think the bigger picture we are missing here is the Opportunity. And I don’t mean the opportunity to go to that place, or experience that thing; I mean something much deeper than that.

When we see something as an opportunity, and I mean truly see it in the bigger picture sense, we can find that the place we go to or the experience we long for provides an opportunity to grow, learn, give, receive etc.

Changing our mind to see the choices we make as opportunities instead seems like a simple thing. And why would I even bother writing about it, right? Well, to be honest, sometimes it is the simpler things that stump us. We can see the idea of climbing Mt. Everest and figure out a way to accomplish it with the resources and training necessary to get to the top! But when it comes to something as “basic” as changing how we view something – that can be daunting.

An opportunity invites the prospect of new and creative things. Taking a chance simply means it will fail or work out. But regardless of failure, the opportunity way fo seeing it is that you can find new things to be proud of and learn from.

For example. Let’s say you wanted to become a painter. But not just any painter – you wanted to paint other peoples houses and make a business out of it. You could view this as taking a chance and hoping it works out for the best. Or, you can view this as an opportunity and realize that it actually isn’t about if it “works out or not”, but more so what you gain and give back to others by doing it. Someone out there will have a nicely painted house, and you will have learned a few ways of how not to do something – which makes you smarter. But if for some reason, after a few months of hard work, this adventure just isn’t working out – that’s ok. You didn’t lose out. You gained perspective. You learned new skills. Gained experience. And just as important as learning what you ARE good at…you also learned what you might not be good at.

So the next time you face a “chance” at doing something or going somewhere. Change “chance” to ” OPPORTUNITY”, and see what happens.

You might surprise yourself…


These are my thoughts for the day.


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