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On the front page, I told you that I am an Operations Consultant, a Father/Husband and those things are very true. But I thought it might be helpful for you to see why I am here doing these things.

A person that is not on a journey, will never find out where they can go…

A few years ago, I found out I had been dealing with a life threatening Heart Disease. Without going into all the boring details, it was basically one of those deals where you either live, or you never find out and die. I was one of the fortunate ones that found out and was able to take steps to keep living.

This disease is an everyday battle for me, and one which I cannot take lightly. Non-Compaction, Dilated, Cardiomyopathy. Part of my heart is too big, my heart in the manner of the muscle that it is is weak and does not pump my blood as well as everyone else. And let’s not forget the clot living in there that doesn’t seem to want to go away anytime soon.

Life is just different now…

This changed me. At first, I assumed the change was for the worst, but I found myself over time realizing this could be used for good; a blessing in disguise. I am now turning this life-altering journey into an outreach for the masses.

I wrote a book for people struggling to make themselves something more. Whatever “more” looks like for you, my book can help you leap in that direction. Unlocking your true potential in life will open up so many more opportunities.


From this, I have written 3 books. The first is called “A Life of Heart.” (You’ll never guess where I came up with the title!) This book is meant to inspire and alter the life of those who read it. I put what I know into a book that is easy to read and digest, and doesn’t make the reader feel like they are small or insignificant. Quite the opposite. If that is something that intrigues you, find a copy for yourself online here.

The next book was written for couples. “Relationships: Under Construction – A 14-day Journey Into Your Relationship”. You could say I have realized how valuable relationships are, especially the one with those we cherish the most. This book is also an easy read, and will simply and easily allow you to take 14 new looks on your relationship and by the end, maybe even change a few things for the better – At least that IS the idea. If that peaks your interest, you can find that book right here.

Last but not least, I decided to have a little fun. I really enjoy writing and decided that a group of Short Stories would really do the trick. These Seven Stories are all unique, but each has the same underlying theme of good will towards human life. You can even get one of these stories sent to you for free before deciding to buy the book for yourself. If you want the free story sent to you – go to the Home Page and fill out the form, you will receive a downloadable PDF in your email shortly after. (The actual book will be released soon – details to come!)

So there you have it

That’s what I have been up to with my writing, not to mention the blogs on this site too. I hope you find joy from my writing and that you can share that with people around you. Not many things are infectious in the world – but smiles and laughter are certainly one of those!

Thank you