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Welcome to my free short stories page (generally around 1,000 words or less). I will randomly post short stories here for everyone to enjoy and read at one’s own leisure. None of these stories will have a download option, and please, do not copy them for your own use as they are part of my collection and will be used later on in official publications. All stories written here within are part of the “A Life of Heart” trademark and sole property of the Author.

Thank you for understanding, and please, enjoy the stories.


July 20th, 2017

That New Car Smell

Checking the mirror one last time, she flashed a look of content to herself. Today was going to be new, fresh, rejuvenating even. Today was the day she got to drive her new car to work. To her friends, this was nothing exciting or fascinating, but they weren’t the ones in love with the new ride that was sitting and waiting patiently for her arrival in the garage.

Because today was so special to her, she wore a new outfit that made her feel good, almost sporty to match her new car. She wore spiked two-inch heels, black with a long pin stripe skirt that went past her knees. A creme color blouse with just enough cleavage to make her feel attractive, but not so much to make her look trampy. The best part, for her at least was the new leather jacket she bought. She called it her “driving jacket”. It was thin which allowed for flexibility, and had fine details in the arms and back of the jacket. She felt young again – full of spark and energy. And with one flick of the collar, she was ready to walk out the door.

She closed her door that leads her to the garage and paused momentarily. It was as if she was eyeing up the beast in front of her. She was in charge! I’m going to ride you, not let you take me! In her head, she imagined all kinds of amazing scanarios…people stopping in the streets to gawk at her new car. The reality of this…a little far fetched, but it didn’t matter. To her it was real, and that was good enough.

She stepped towards the door reaching out for the handle. The car itself was a hatchback style. The color was an outlandish Orange with black and red accents. She loved it! The headlights were modern and stylish, curving with rows of LED lights. The front grill was aggressive and fine tuned. The body kit that wrapped around the car looked sharp and edgy. The rear spoiler was noticeable with raised edges that looked sharp and dangerous to touch. The muffler looked really cool in her eyes with it being centered to the car and triangle instead of the typical circle shape. Nothing about this car screamed ordinary and boring. The sunroof was shiny and ready for the daylight on the outside of the garage door.

Stepping into her vehicle, she immediately gripped the steering wheel and massaged her hands on the new leather. Looking around, everything was perfect. The leather, heated seats were a bucket, sports seats with the word Turbo stitched into the head rest. The large screen was ready and waiting to light up and the alloy pedals were shiny and new. There wasn’t much room in the backseat, but that wasn’t exactly the reason for the car. She took in a deep breath. That smell, she let it linger as she knew it would not be that way for much longer.

She pushed the garage door opener and then a few seconds later with her foot on the brake…fired up the engine! She smirked, trying to control her excitement. Putting the car into reverse the display screen showed her the way to freedom and she slowly backed out of her confined garage.

This was it. She put the car in drive and hit the gas! She was gone in no time…just wishing her friends had a clue.



July 11th, 2017

That Time of Night

It was late. By now it was some time past 03:00 and the darkness was ever present. At least until my eyes adjusted to the room. At first, I thought I was in a calm, quiet place, but I soon found myself hearing and seeing everything I didn’t want to see and hear.

Take for instance the clock. The red glare from the numbers that slowly changed was to my far left. An older clock, digital, but very old was sat upon a newer side table. The table itself, however, was placed away from the bed and could not be reached unless you left the soft and comforting blankets behind and walked over to it. The table also held a picture of myself and my cousins. It was from a couple of years ago when I joined them on a sunny Sunday for a wedding. That picture was a precious reminder of how badly I missed my family.

Behind the picture stood two different size yellow candles. Not the ones that you light, but more for decoration, you know, to make things look…pretty. In front of the bigger, yellow candle was the baby monitor. If I thought the red glare of the clock was bad, the baby monitor was a whole new level of crazy-town. I know you can control the volume, but the brightness of the screen itself only goes down so far.

I stared at the screen for a few moments. My precious little guy was sound asleep, not flinching or twitching his foot, just still and snoozing away. If he was snoring, it was being drowned out by the sound of the noise machine in his room. The sound is usually rain, or something similar so it is calming and easy to the ears, but of course, forgetting to switch it, instead, it was playing “rock a bye baby” over, and over, and over…and you get the idea. I had to stop looking. Normally the music wouldn’t bother me so much, but for some reason on this night, it was driving a screw into my brain every time the song repeated itself.

The time ticked by. The ceiling fan continued to turn regardless. I had never noticed how smooth it ran until now. There was a nice, consistent wafting sound that continued to breathe over me second after second, but even that didn’t help. It was then that my mind took over. My eyes had adapted fully to everything around me. It may as well have been daylight. But something kept me glued to the bed.

My thoughts¬†interrupted any chance of sleeping soon and they weren’t exactly in any kind of “order” either. From blips of what happened earlier today to the¬†concerns of tomorrow and many days ahead. My wife lay beside, heavy breathing and certainly sleeping deeply. Mumbles of inaudible words slipped out of her mouth, it made me smile because it just sounded funny – but this only reminded me how much I was not asleep.

I looked again at the clock. It was now 03:34. I rolled over, closed my eyes and made my breathing weak and shallow. It didn’t take long and I was soon back into a light sleep. The next thing I knew, the dogs outside the bedroom door were shaking their bodies and their nails scratching and scraping the hardwood floors. Again, seeing the clock it was suddenly 06:48 and they needed to go outside. My day was beginning…here we go.

The End



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